Razi Mizrahi’s work recaptures the singular beauty of discarded objects from the city streets, repurposed into a new industrial frame, and transfigured by the natural surroundings of New York’s urban landscape.

Current Exhibition


January 9 – 13, 2019

Melia White House Hotel

Albany St, Regent’s Park

NW1 3UP London, UK

The primary focus of this exhibition are the dueling 8-foot female figures painted on canvas tarps, grecian in stature and weight, adorned with artifacts of human existence that accentuate the creases and curvatures of the female body. The canvases are draped from rods, freed from the hard structural confines of conventional stretchers, allowing the figures to curl to the floor. Viewed from a distance, the figures and their ornamentations present a tension between the sensuous female form and the utilitarian demands made on her. The central question in many cultures is no longer what is a “woman’s place” in society but what places on a woman’s body is bounded by her own self-determination.

This exhibition includes the “Puss n’ Books” series, which continues the exploration of our relationship with books--books as possession, each one a unique physical presence in our homes, and books as the centrifugal force drawing us to public libraries and bookstores. As virtual reality overtakes physical reality, the public libraries that once served as cultural centers for Gutenberg ’s treasures may become urban dinosaurs; private libraries that once reflected the owner's breadth of intellectual engagement may collapse into blinking tablets like imploding stars; and the “shushing” librarians who steward these silent worlds of words are already adapting to our clamorous cyber scenery. In answer to questions about what will happen to bound volumes when the contents are are digitized and exist only on the invisible shelves of the Internet, one response is that we will make art, transforming literary gems into visual treasures. The Puss n’ Books series transforms books into floral pussies, erupting with words, color, and small precious objects folded into the labial layers.  

Urban Art


Wood, Metal, Canvas, Rope, Wire, Leather, Fabric, Housepaint, Windows, Book pages, Bark, Burl, Dry lemon rinds, Glass, Chalk, Carpet, Hay, Chains, Hooks, Cellar doors, Oak doors, Shutters, Wood Paneling, Squash, Linen, Plumbing pipe, Piano keys, Keys, Metal studs, Steamer trunks, Desk tools, Desiccated clementines, Clock parts, Car parts, Doll parts, Jewelry, Trowels, Twigs, Disassembled chairs, Utility covers, Fire hydrant tops, Fuzz, Shells, Leaves, Dry flowers, Rollers, Razors, Mattress springs, Mango pits, Poetry stanzas, Accordions, Toys, Tulle, Tacks, Fur, Broken frames, Turtle shell, Vegetable stems, Sink parts, Dials, Pulleys, Brackets, Beads, Bugs, Exotic plant specimens, Flattened lizards, May & Jesus, Tiny bird bones, Postage stamps, Moss, Dry tea, Corks, Ceramics, Coat racks, Soap dishes, Rusted anything, Most anything burned, One half-smoked cigar, and a few other bits of engaging detritus.  




(art) a work of art made by grouping found or unrelated objects; also act of fitting parts together; gathering; act of coming together; early 18th c. also assemblement, assemblance, late 15c.



(art or literature) construction or creation from a diverse range of available things; mid 20th c. French, from bricoler  do odd jobs, repair.



(visual art) a combination or collection of various things; lit. gluing or pasting, 1919, from Old French coller "to glue," from Greek kolla "glue." 



"Imagine This" Exhibition at BWAC, Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition 

2016 October


Wooden panels & carved orbs for hanging piece, brass door handle contributed by Alex Barbieri, fellow BWAC member

2016 October


"Urban Undress" Exhibition at BWAC

2016 July

BWAC Art Show Adds Local Color To Red Hook,  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/thane-rosenbaum/bwac-art-show-adds-local-_b_11159940.html



Doll parts contributed by Marcie: a new element and therefore a new perspective on the layered collages framed in strips of deck wood.


"Imagine This" Exhibition, BWAC

All RaziMizrahi works are created from repurposed found (and donated!) objects.

2016 September


"Urban Undress" Exhibition at BWAC

2016 July


Tokens from viewers to be integrated into artworks

Brake pads and umbrella skeleton found in a parking lot

Nearly finished works



Materials: Bumble bee and leather strap

"Imagine This" Exhibition, BWAC

2016 October


Construction cement and plaster

2016 October 


Works in Progress

2016 October