R a z i  M i z r a h i

~ calm ~

Taking It (& From) the Streets 2018


red & black series










~ storms ~

Working During a Winter Residency

2018 Finishing and mounting works on floor

ground-floor space workspace provided by the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition for a winter artist-in-residence project

Making Old New Again


old NYC townhouse parts repurposed for frames and panels of art



materials donated by gallery visitors

2016 Fall Imagine This BWAC - participatory Installation

preparing for an installation

Photographer Alex Barbieri snapping the artist at work

Artist Alex Barbieri Photographing artist at work 

2016 Fall Imagine This - laying out materials & sample piece for participatory installation

Fall 2016 

Built It & They Will Come...



tattered umbrella, chains, hoist, iron bits, and more

Open Studio Tour

2017 Red Hook Open Studio Tour

oak door parts, mariner's rope, wooden leg, and more


Staging area for Imagine This 2016

bed frame parts, wire, farm scissors, mesh, wood, paper


Open Studio Tour show Skeletons at the Opera

piano parts, keys found in 1989 and cover found in 2014, finally make their debut in a finished piece, mounted on a section of a baby's crib

Seascapes at Red Hook's Rocky Shore

Taking It To (& From) the Streets exhibition

collage on canvas series, hay and housepaint


Open Studios Tour 2016 wall of works

masculine and feminine works, sharing a wall