Storm: Works During a Winter Residency

2018 Finishing and mounting works on floor

generous support from gallery of its generously sized ground-floor space for a winter working artist-in-residence program

Making Old New Again

old NYC townhouse parts repurposed for frames and panels of art

Calm: Open Studios Tour

Visitors at open studio in gallery-cum-workspace

Through a Gallery Darkly

2016 Fall Imagine This BWAC - participatory Installation

preparing to hang a show

Reflections of artists at work

Artist Alex Barbieri Photographing artist at work

works in progress: photographer snapping reflection of collagist

Cornering a Space for an Installation

2016 Fall Imagine This - laying out materials & sample piece for participatory installation

a blank canvas for art without canvas

Built It & They Will Come...

Storm: Materials for New Works

tattered umbrella, chains, hoist, iron bits, and more

Calm: Open Studio Tour

2017 Red Hook Open Studio Tour

oak door parts, mariner's rope, wooden leg, and more

Storm: Materials for Participatory Installation

Staging area for Imagine This 2016

bed frame parts, wire, farm scissors, mesh, wood, paper

Piano Parts & A Baby's Crib

Open Studio Tour show Skeletons at the Opera

piano parts, keys found in 1989 and cover found in 2014, finally make their debut in a finished piece, mounted on a section of a baby's crib

Seascapes at the Rocky Red Hook Shore

Taking It To (& From) the Streets exhibition

collage on canvas series, hay and housepaint

Phallus & Femininus

Open Studios Tour 2016 wall of works

masculine and feminine works, sharing a wall